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Social Enterprise Scotland is The Voice of Social Enterprise - bringing together all types of social enterprises and their supporters into a strong campaigning force. We're an independent, Scottish, membership-led organisation, built and controlled by social enterprises. We're your gateway to Scotland's social enterprise community.

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Turnover Member Fees
Social Enterprises & Intermediaries
Associate Fees Individual Associates Fees
£0k - 25k £63.00 £77.00 £77 Straight Fee
£25k - 50k £115.00 £132.00  
£50k - 100k £147.00 £165.00  
£100k - 250k £210.00 £242.00  
£250k - 500k £315.00 £363.00  
£500k - 750k £525.00 £594.00  
£750k - 1m £672.00 £770.00  
£1m - 5m £787.50 £946.00  
£5m+ £945.00 £1320.00  


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