Member Testimonials

“Enterprising organisations like Aberdeen Foyer, working in local communities across Scotland, need a strong voice at a national level and Social Enterprise Scotland has undoubtedly delivered that for us. We have enjoyed a significantly higher national profile as a result of Social Enterprise Scotland activities than we would have on our own.”

Ken Milroy, Chief Executive, Aberdeen Foyer

“Thank you all for your wonderful support that you have given me and our organisation over the past years. It is wonderful to work in a sector that actually wants the best for its members.

Lubna Kerr, Director, Well being, Health and You

“Social Enterprise Scotland has been particularly effective at campaigning at a national level to raise the awareness of the “added” value of Social Enterprise, this macro approach will hopefully pay dividends to the sector for years to come.”

John Oates, Manager, BRAG Enterprises Ltd

“Social Enterprise makes a significant contribution to the Scottish economy and Social Enterprise Scotland plays a crucial role campaigning for social enterprise in Scotland, developing effective business links and raising the awareness of social enterprise within the private sector. SCDI is delighted to be working with Social Enterprise Scotland and we look forward to continuing to support Social Enterprise Scotland and Social Enterprise to ensure that we continue to drive forward the economic agenda for Scotland.”

Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI)