i'mPerfect Foods

Locations: Lothians, Central Scotland

Sector: Catering and Hospitality, Environment, Environmental Sustainability, Food and Drink, Training

Website: http://www.imperfectfoods.co.uk


Phone: 07867 843 063

Year Established: July 2016


i'mperfect is a young dynamic social enterprise.• Our Mission; To innovatively and responsibly reduce waste in the food supply chain for enhanced societal and environmental benefit. We approach this through Product Development:Advocacy; and Consultancy. Our advisory services will provide restaurants,food retailers with tailored guidance and information on how to reduce their food waste footprints. We will offer detailed accounting of food waste that includes financial and environmental costs. We will work with clients to identify and trace the decisions driving food wastage. Our approach will provide clients with a more thorough understanding of the behaviours and practices responsible for their food waste footprints. We will also assist with the development of workable reduction targets and can provide guidance on how to achieve them. Advocacy: Raising awareness about food waste through various channels in our communities on reducing food waste. Working in collaboration with other organisations such as schools, local authorities and other bodies. Product Development; Developing a range of products using "imperfect" fruits and vegetables such jams, chutneys, juices, soups etc. By buying our products you help food waste, reduce carbon emission that are generated by food waste and helps towards our community food resource that help offers members of our community experiencing food insecurity to access food of choice with dignity.


Primary Location, 43 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 1HW, 07867 843 063

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